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Originally founded as the Ontario Race Physicians in 1968 by Dr. Herman Huegenholtz (a neurosurgeon) and Dr. Hugh Scully (a cardiovascular Surgeon). Together they realized a need for a more formal, higher trained and efficient medical team during automobile races.

The original team included doctors working with existing track officials and marshals to provide the on track medical assessment and care prior to transporting patients to hospital.

Dr. Scully has since moved on to be the Medical Director for the Toronto Molson Indy and has been responsible for the medical and safety arrangements for a number of international racing circuits.

Dr. Scully was inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame in February 2001.

Over the years the team has expanded to include many specialties and is now internationally recognized for its safety expertise. We have attracted to our team people from diverse backgrounds that have advanced our training programs, operations and incident management and have introduced the latest medical and rescue techniques to provide efficient and effective care to the motor racing community.

We continue to look to the future of motorsports with the growth of the team, working with other race safety / medical teams, and improving our rescue efficiency while on and off track.

Key members of the team, are involved in researching our own race oriented spinal assessment protocol. We are also including other international race safety teams in this research.



The safety team is the first medical attention to arrive at a track-side incident to provide immediate assessment and patient care, of injured drivers and to prevent further physical injury when drivers are being extricated from their vehicles. The team also ensures safe transport to the track medical facility. Within the facility the patient is assessed further by our team doctors where it is determined whether transportation to a more advanced medical facility is required.

The medical facility is staffed with a trauma team of doctors and nurses with equipment assembled equivalent to that of an emergency department. The type and amount of equipment is specified by the annual FIA (Federation International de l'Automobile) handbook. The safety team provides its services to all professional events at Mosport International Raceway and to the Toronto Molson Indy since its inauguration.



- Our Paramedic Coordinator is Stewart Morris, an Advanced Care Paramedic. The staff consists of personnel who have all had active experience in Ambulance and Emergency Care at both the Primary and Advanced Care levels and are certified in Ontario. A number of them have also taken courses in Advanced Trauma Life Support, Basic Trauma Life Support, and Advanced Neurological Life Support. 

Fire Fighters
- Our Fire / Rescue Coordinator is Kevin Tripp, a full time firefighter in the Greater Toronto area. The staff consists of personnel who are full time firefighters, volunteer firefighters, or have taken the fire fighting essentials program.

Safety 1 & Safety 2
- Senior team members who for a specific event coordinate the team and communicate will all the other groups involved in the event. 


Our doctors, nurses, and paramedics come from a variety of different backgrounds, each bringing their expertise and experience to the track.

We are experienced in working with various different officiating, medical and safety teams such as IMSA, Indy Car, SCCA, NASCAR Truck Series, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, CSBK and others. 

We are experienced in working on a permanent road course, with off track areas, as well as a temporary road course with no off track areas.

We are experienced with working with a variety of professional and amateur series and are capable of modifying our approach to accommodate specific series’ operating procedures.

We work as a cohesive team with each member understanding each other’s roles and expertise to provide rapid and appropriate treatment in any situation.



The Ontario Race Physicians Safety Team is strategically located around the track staffing fire fighters and paramedics in all of their rescue vehicles. 

- Rescue vehicles located at corners 10 and 5, containing water suppression systems and rescue tools.
- Rescue vehicles located at corners 2 and 8, containing dry chemical suppression systems.
- Track ambulances located at corners 10 and 4.

There are also Ministry of Health Road Ambulances located at Race Medical for off-track transport.




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